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Globalisation Service & Africa Market Entry

Officephase is a globalization services agency with understanding of Africa and other EMEA Countries. Our understanding of Africa, Europe, the Middle East will aid your global penetration.
We are of the opinion that all entrepreneurs and companies should be exposed to the world they live and do business in. Officephase started in West Africa and has lived to its preaching by spreading its services across other continents while having partners in other countries aside the EMEA markets.
Aside having office infrastructure to help startups scale, Officephase specializes in international business development. We have African and non African private share capital owned by investors from different continents.
When you consult us for your globalization expansion needs, we will be responsible for the international business development and verification of local partners from several economic sectors.
We also help you take care of the communication, operations and pre-sales effort required to export.
Officephase provides relevant information and pre-sales services that include: market research, compliance documentation structure, incorporation partners, identification of competitors and their respective prices, identification and qualification of importers and distributors, retail stores, implementation of roadshows and negotiation support services , including legal, regulatory and certification aspects.

We also handle your communication communication as a service thereby enabling our partners to get found by potential customers.

Our Pledge is that whatever market you want to enter, we will give you data to make that informed decisions for that business transactions.

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